Structured Cabling and Communications Networks

Your premier structural cabling company in the Ottawa area.
At ACT Supply Center, we guarantee impeccable, fast and reliable service, at all times.
Thanks to us, increase your professionalism to the communication infrastructure of your company.

ACT Supply Center provides your business with foolproof ways to all network cables, telephone cabling, paging systems, voice data cabling, audio systems, surveillance, automation and security systems, cable installation needs to optical fiber.

Structured Cabling Services provided by ACT Supply Center

  • Network Design
  • Cat5e Cabling
  • Cat6 Cabling
  • Coax Cabling
  • Phone/Voice Cabling
  • Fiber Optic Runs
  • Server Room Design
  • Data Cables
  • Cable Removal, Clean-up
  • Wiring Reruns
  • Office Relocation Cabling
  • Surveillance cabling
  • Speakers wiring
  • Security wiring
  • Automation wiring

Enhancing your data flow by using structured cabling

We are specialists in the construction or reorganization and management of your data space. Our specialized technicians will be able to offer you techniques to reform your storage while improving your server space, thus guaranteeing the security and durability of your network infrastructure. We are experts in storage, data room cleanliness and temperature specifications and will always be available for maintenance and possible upgrades.

Centralized communications by use of structured cabling

Our experienced technicians are adept at building and operating the most proficient system using organized cabling services to centralize your existing communication systems. Supporting testimonials, check the photos below for yourself.


In order to run a successful business, the communications network must be up-to-date and empowered to maintain reliability during intensive data sharing. Downtime is unprecedented in today's business environment, even if you have portable devices or remote platforms. You deserve a methodical cabling service provider that knows how to keep your video, voice, and data up to date, no matter the size of your network. Our tidy cabling services will improve performance and drive the growth of your networks with state-of-the-art communications solutions.