Off-Grid Station should be able to power your Surveillance 360 PT Camera, Provide Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection, Also, you can mount on a variety of attachments depending on your needs Like Solar Light, Booster, Audible-Visual Alert. At the same time, this station can be used to power a speaker, laptop computer, cell phone charger, lights, or TV. These expandable off-grid kits will make and store all of the energy you use, completely independent of the grid.

What's in Off-Grid Station?
There are two styles of stations -- Tripod Kits & Tower Kits. Each base kit includes:

  • Solar energy system to generate and store the power.
  • Internet hub to provide Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections.
  • Hikvision, ColorVu PT Camera, 4 MP, Pan 350, Tilt 0-90
  • Other accessories, such as mounting brackets, and cables.

A complete kit also includes a pure sine wave inverter to convert the DC power in the batteries to AC power for your appliances and an AGM battery to store energy generated by your system for later use.

Expandable off-grid kits, open the door wide to fulfill your Power, Communication, and Security needs completely independent of the grid.

Have questions? We’re here to help. Don’t get lost in the nitty-gritty details. You can contact us using email or LifeChat and we will work with you to design your own Off-Grid Station!


Jobsite Security 5-Piece Starter Kit


Complete Jobsite Security 5-piece starter kit for contractors
Easily move the devices or take the system to different sites
Uses existing wifi or creates a hotspot with Ring Protect Pro¹