We build, implement and shape an organized, sustainable and credible network foundation, taking only the flagship of brands of electronic, digital and computer devices.

We take all our projects to heart, as if they were our own personal projects with all our thoughtfulness, starting with creation to deliver infallible solutions to our customers. Our entire execution process is driven by TIA-568, TIA-862, TIA-1005-A TIA-1179-A and IEEE 802.3 standards to meet our customers' expectations for credible, secure and instant correspondence. We only deal with official Canadian providers to ensure we meet Canadian disclosure standards, thus ensuring quality manufacturing.

Our online store is designed to provide an extremely smooth shopping experience for our customers, with an array of products to serve and improve communications, security and entertainment in everyday life.

The sales department provides our customers with unbeatable quotes and prices for exclusive orders and all products not listed on our online store


Fulfilling All of Your Telecommunications Requirements

We will scaffold and implement your VOIP phone systems, wireless access points and riser management solutions using state of the art technology and experienced certified installers. ACT telecommunications services are complemented by comprehensive tailor-made maintenance packages that guarantee the highest levels of connectivity and proficiency.

We Select Best Low Voltage Contractors

How do you know you are working with a long-lasting and reliable low voltage installation company? Most alarm, lighting, and telecommunications companies have their own assembler, but there are advantages to working with your low-voltage technician. Your low voltage installer will be able to expertly install everything to your specifications and needs.


The Best Network Cabling Services for a High-Quality Connection

At ACT, we are proud to engage in network cabling. What sets us apart for our network cabling is the ability of our low voltage electricians to determine your connectivity needs and build a network cabling system to perfectly manage your server and general communication needs using technology and a most cost-effective implementation. Our technicians will take care of you anywhere in your move, but will also be on hand if your network cabling needs change due to growth, relocation or any other factor.